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Off-roading is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. Types of off-roading range in intensity, from leisure drives with unmodified vehicles to competitions with customized vehicles and professional drivers.

JINLI Offroad started with a commitment to  make the best, industry-leading winch rope, soft shackle, tow strap, snatch strap, rigging line, and recovery rope available. JINLI offroad recovery kit is a good place to start, gets you out of trouble. All JINLI offroad recovery products are tested to the highest standards making it dependable in emergencies.

How to choose offroad products:
There is no official working load limit on using offroad recovery kits. However, from thousands of successful recoveries we recommend that the best method in selecting the right rope is by multiplying the weight of the stuck vehicle by 3.5 or 4 times and then selecting the rope that has a breaking strength that is equal to or higher than that number. If you still have questions of which rope to select just call or email us and we would be happy to recommend the best fit for your use.

Classic winch rope
Pre-stretched winch rope
Braided winch rope
Classic soft shackle
Braided soft shackle
Classic recovery tow rope
Super recovery tow rope
nylon snatch strap
polyester tow strap
winch extensions
Tree savers