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Steel-wire rope have been around for more than 150years, it’s be use many place in industry. So who can instead steel-wire rope. That’s a question synthetic rope coming out. Last century there’re many things change so fast, it’s time to consider how synthetic lines can instead steel-wire rope.
Traditional steel wire ropes are heavy, inflexible, difficult to rig, and are dangerous if broken in application due to stored energy causing recoil with potential injuries.JINLI synthetic rope products for sling, engineered for durability, are the recognized safety, performance and quality standard for replacing steel wire rope or chain. UHMWPE or Spectra® high strength synthetic fiber ropes are remarkably light and incredibly strong. Synthetic slings are extremely popular in the industry because of their light weight, ease in handling, and durability. Unlike wire rope slings, synthetic rope lifting slings are extremely easy to inspect from the inside or out. They are our most “cut-resistant” slings and will have far longer service lives than wire rope if used correctly.

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·  Extreme strength-to-weight ratio
·  lightweight and flexible for easy handing
·  safer than wire ( low recoil)
·  Slimmer synthetic rope maintains higher WLL
·  Protective sleeve over entire sling
·  Special braid guard at the center of sling for extended life
·  Available Colors: Purple , Red, Orange, Safety Green, Military Green, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Black, Gray, Pink

Classic synthetic slings
double grommet slings