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Steel-wire rope have been around for more than 150years, it’s be use many place in industry. So who can instead steel-wire rope. That’s a question synthetic rope coming out. Last century there’re many things change so fast, it’s time to consider how synthetic lines can instead steel-wire rope use in theatrical.
It’s easier to handle for reeving and installation, saving you time and injuries. Synthetic rope will working good on movie,acrobatics, TV, and entertainment show.

·  Extreme strength-to-weight ratio
·  lightweight and flexible for easy handing
·  safer than wire ( low recoil)
·  Slimmer synthetic rope maintains higher WLL
·  Protective sleeve over entire sling
·  Special braid guard at the center of sling for extended life
·  Available Colors: Purple , Red, Orange, Safety Green, Military Green, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Black, Gray, Pink

12-Strand UHMWPE Rope