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JINLI ROPE build relationship with Spain

JINLI ROPE build relationship with Spain

Apr 04, 2018

This month, we have special customer visiting our factory. The client is from Spain, we had a discussion on the project of winch rope, soft shackle, recovery rope, tow strap, snatch strap, rigging line, which are all offroads items. They flew about 15hours to Shanghai, and went directly to our factory. We showed them our advanced production process, packaging process, testing process, they were deeply impressed.  From OEM products under production in our factory, they found out that some branded companies in the world are cooperating with us. We discussed about branding details, and signed the contract on the spot.

We have strong belief that we will be great partner ever.We're expecting those clients who focus on quality, turnover time, OEM coming to us! We will be your reliable partner. Choosing us, you will have reliability and innovation on products.  Once you get price from us, we hope that you will place us order ASAP. We will be committed to serve you.

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